Author: Nate Elston

Love at first taste – Easy Curry Chicken

We are still on the chicken diet and instead of waiting after our workout tonight to prepare dinner I decided it would be nice to have dinner done at the same time were done working out.  So that is what

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Chicken and Broccoli Linguine

After an unsuccessful hunt for small game today we were forced to endure yet another night of chicken, which even though it has been frequents has not exhausted our creativity.  Tonight we had chicken and broccoli linguine which turned out

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Spinach and Pesto Chicken Breasts

Unfortunately my diet and exercise regimen has been taking away from my cooking time and variations and because of this I have not blogged nearly frequently enough.  However, today after an intense 60 minutes of plyometrics, well actually about half

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Just Plain Biscuits

I have been sitting on a number of recipes for quite sometime waiting for just the opportune moment to make them.  One of these recipes was for Buttermilk Biscuits and I finally got a reason and a chance to make

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Southwest Stuffed Chicken

In our quest to eat way more chicken than any one person should, we have arrived at ways to make chicken number 2.  Southwest Stuffed Chicken, now this is actually a really easy recipe to make. Ingredients 2 large chicken

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