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Pumpkin Pie of Death

Ok, so it has been a while, more than a month.  I was a little alarmed when I logged in that it has been that long.  I have been way to busy to cook, its been very sad.  So with

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Why do I cook?

Why do I cook!?! I mean I could just run down to Subway or Pizza Hut and fill up on something there, buy why cook?  Or more specifically why do I cook?  Initially I started cooking because I liked to

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The Texas Squealer Burger…squels of delight

This past weekend I had some company over and made the world famous squealer burger, for those who don’t know what a squealer is, it is quite possibly the moistest, tastiest burger one will eat. I used the a recipe

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Mmmm….Sage and Rosemary Pork loin

What to do with a pork loin? This recipe, courtesy of Good Housekeeping’s website, delivered a flavorful, juicy pork loin fit for a quiet intimate dinner or a feast with friends.

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