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Home Hard Drive Data Rescue

DISCLAIMER: This will void your warranty.  You will probably lose all the data on your drive.  You might die, who knows.  Don’t try this at home.  If you do decide to do this be sure to wear latex gloves as

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The iPad as a Cookbook?

If you haven’t heard the iPad is a new device from Apple due out in March that is like a giant iPhone or iPod touch, on steroids.  Its like a laptop with no keyboard or mouse, just a touch screen. 

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C# .NET 3.5 GridView Blunders, how to validate and replace a value

Some days I wonder to myself, really Microsoft what were you thinking?  Or is the problem I am not thinking either way I ran into an issue this evening that just frustrated me like no other, so I thought I

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ASP.Net Menu Control Open in New Window

Today I was presented with a problem that seemed simple enough, how do we make an ASP.Net Menu control open in a new window.  Sounds easy right, well that is what I thought.  But before I go too far, lets

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