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How to smoke ribs

Ribs, everybody wants to make some and a lot of people are not sure how.  Well like most meat low and slow will give you a juicy and fall off the bone tender result.  But with ribs there is something

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Memphis Style BBQ Chicken Thighs

After the catastrophe the first time I tried to make some chicken with this rub, I went for round two yesterday.  With the other smoker full of jerky that was smelling better by the minute we loaded up a second

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Mystery Meat Jerky

Was it beef or was it venison?  I don’t know but it was good.  Some people said it was venison and some beef, and I have to tell you sometimes I wanted it to be venison and sometimes I wanted

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The Rub Down::Penzey’s BBQ 3000 vs Bad Byron’s Butt Rub::Part 2

Well the day finally came, the ribs were rubbed last night and it was cooking time today.   Because I am either proud or crazy or both, I opted not to borrow either of the smokers available to me and smoked

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