Its sad to see it fall from the number one spot on the site, but it must be done; the bacon must be ousted from its perch a top the chronological post listing and make way for the new.  Thankfully I left something legendary there when I went on an unplanned sabbatical, life just got to busy and my diet tanked.  Thankfully for my health and my free time, life has gotten a little less hectic and cooking has once again commenced.  Not that we weren’t cooking before it was just not note worthy.

A couple weeks ago the local grocer had chicken sausage on sale and what was I to do but scoop some up.  Since then it has been sitting in my freezer waiting to be used, well last night was its time.  We are past due for fresh soup in this home and so into some soup it went.

Lentil and Chicken Sausage Soup

Last night I got everything ready and threw it in the slow cooker in the refrigerator except for the lentils which I added this morning when I pulled it out and turned it on.  My goal being the only one here for dinner was to write this while eating a bowl of the soup, in order to provide an honest review.  Well I have eaten two bowls and have not managed to write a bit of a post.  It doesn’t help that I came home from work famished, but it was a pretty tasty batch of soup.

I had mine just garnished with a handful of freshly ground parmesan cheese, had my wife been here she surely would have added sour cream to make it creamy and cilantro to make it more complex.  Call me simple but I am going to stand by just the parmesan for this one.  You will have to let me know which way you prefer when you make it for yourself.

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Have you ever wanted the stuffing without the hassle of making the turkey?  Maybe you don’t eat meat but smell the glorious smell of stuffing when you visit with your relatives for Thanksgiving.  Well what ever the case I love stuffing, I mean forget the turkey, give me some stuffing.  Well in my quest to find good stuffing without the bird I decided I had to start somewhere so I went to my favorite recipe finding tool, Google, and I found a starting point.  Over at I found a recipe for Slow Cooker Stuffing, it looked easy enough so I gave it a whirl.  Being that I live on my own I decided to make a quarter recipe of this, which filled about half of my mini slow cooker.  I also used fresh sage and dried parsely, didn’t quite have enough to strip my plants.  I dried the bread in the oven at 200°F until the bread felt crisp.  I then mixed per the recipe but refrigerated over night and threw it in the cooker this morning and left for work.

When I arrived this evening I was greeted by the pleasant aroma of stuffing so I fried up the grill and threw on some chicken.  Meanwhile, anticipating the flavorful treat that was waiting for me.  Finally the moment arrived I scooped out a healthy portion of stuffing and dug in.

Stuffing in a glass dish.
Stuffing in a glass dish.
Stuffing Ready to eat with chicken breast.
Stuffing Ready to eat with chicken breast.

Once I finally got to eat it I was not disappointed, it was moist, flavorful and remarkably like stuffing.  Now that is not to say it was as good as out of the bird but it certainly was a great substitute, it tasted like stuffing, smelled like stuffing and will do just find to hold me over tell I have time to cook a whole bird.  I will surely cook this again, probably in a week or two.

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