While this ia  new concept to me many of you may be turned off by the title, I would encourage you to roll on.  Like its contraband counter part the fatty we are talking about must first be rolled, so that is where this process will begin.  But before we do perhaps we should look at a definition of what exactly is a fatty.  A fatty is a bit of sausage rolled out filled with some tasty goodness rolled up, wrapped in bacon and smoked (more info over at Smoking Meat Forums.  Having never assembled, much less smoked one of these tasty looking things I thought I would give it a try.  So I took some pork sausage and bacon out of the freezer last night and tonight assembled my master piece I will smoke it in the morning.  Below is my ordeal in a step by step fashion with pictures.

1.The Pork Sausage all rolled out.

Pork Sausage Rolled out for the Fatty

2. The bacon weave found out after all was said and done a much easier looking way to accomplish the same thing.

Bacon Weave awaiting the Fatty

3. Getting the fillings ready to the tomato basil fatty

The Fatty all filled up with Tomatoes, Basil and Mozz Cheese

4. The Fatty ready for the smoker…

The Fatty waiting for the smoker

It almost looks tasty enough to eat right now, but in the morning I shall throw it in the smoker and try it for lunch.  Check back later tomorrow for an update.

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Now as many of you know there are few single ingredient foods that require as much patience, practice and experimentation than the omelet.  Until recently I have hidden from the mighty omelet and opted for the simple over medium style egg.  Feeling adventurous I have recently made it my quest to conquer the mighty omelet and this morning was yet another chapter in the conquest.  While the omelet I created this morning was far from perfect it was a giant step in the right direction…I used the simple 3 egg in a fry pan with some butter substitute (being allergic to butter, I am forced to use the substitute).  Now most will rave about their omelets and the ingredients they fill them with I on the other hand am of the opinion that an omelet should be a suburb way to eat an egg without any frills and that fillings should be added not for nutrition but to further compliment and enhance the flavor of this incredible food.  That said here is my cook in progress and my belly is telling me I am close….this fluffy and tasty omelet is well almost there.

Omelet in progress in a pan

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So Bailey my wifes dog has a medical cone to keep him from licking some wounds he has…becuase of this he has had a slight learning curve of late related to all things he must do walk around, climb stairs, eat, drink water, etc…

Because of this when giving him his pill in some bread tonight he provided us with some humerous entertainment I thought I would share.

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