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Maybe this is blog suicide, but I stumbled upon a really neat website today that is sure to be a great tool to any cook, who knows what they are craving and just can’t figure out what to cook.  Say you want some salty and savory food but nothing comes to mind.  Well the Food Finder on will help you pick a recipe that will fit your cravings.

The food finder works by taking your tastes and their understanding of food and pulling together recipes from some of the biggest recipes sources on the web to recommend recipes that accurately reflect what you searched for that it thinks you will like.  And from playing with it for a short while, it works, it works really well.  I am hungry just looking at the recommendations it made for me.

Yummly brings new meaning to the term discovery cooking, it can help you discover new tastes you have by making recommendations based on what you already like.

Not only is Yummly pioneering new ground with the the way it finds recipes for you to enjoy it is a great new use of social media and the long tail of cooking knowledge.  The community can make modifications to a recipe or create a new version of a recipe.  The most common modifications are then presented with the original recipe.  The knowledge of the masses now can apply to cooking and recipes in an easier to use way than ever before.

Now that they have all of this, I can’t want to see what happens when it makes it to the iPad as an app, talk about a great cookbook.

Check it all out at

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